Wednesday, January 13, 2010

today in cyber world

today i would like to present about facebook. this web is the 2nd popular web in the world according to its visitors. when you open an account on facebook, then you cannot leave the monitor from your sight at all. thats why my presentation today about facebook not about this subject.ngehngeh-----> economic course student

the decreasing of the order or sale of this company products for this month believed due to the workers are really enthusiast to the social web called facebook.----> manager company that have streamyx at their office

hye, can i have your e-mail? i want to search you at the facebook.----> pupils

at 10am, no one going out for tea time.everybody still sit in their chair looking without glance to other side..while a lot of file on their table-----> government worker.

todays scenario.......................................................

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